5 Cheap Android Standalone Smartwatches under $200


Android Standalone smartwatches have become increasingly popular over the last few years and for good reason. They have unique designs, 4G LTE capabilities, and can be purchased for half the price of some popular brands on the market right now.

If you search online for Android Smartwatches, you’ll find hundreds of “top 10” lists that include devices like the Galaxy Gear S3, Galaxy Watch, Huawei Watch 2, Ticwatch Pro, and so on. To be clear, this is a misclassification and the previously mentioned devices are mere “companion devices” for smartphones that run Android or IOS. In most cases, if your smartphone is turned off, the smartwatch will lose most of its functionality.

A standalone smartwatch should not require a smartphone to complete any of its functions. These functions include calls, text, web browsing, or receiving and replying to notifications.

Cheap Standalone Smartwatches

There are many Android Standalone Smartwatches under $ 200, but here are a few so you can decide if they are something that interests you.

ZeBlaze Thor 5 Dual – Android Standalone Smartwatch

The Zeblaze Thor 5 Dual gets its name from the dual MediaTek 6739 + NRF52840 processing unit which gives the device two operating modes. In 4G mode, the Thor 5 runs all of its normal functions as expected. However, in LiteOS mode, all LTE functions are disabled to extend the battery life up to 4 days.

The Thor 5 Dual has is the front-facing camera that you can use for video calling with popular applications like Whatsapp, Skype, and Hangouts. It’s not uncommon for full Android smartwatches to have a camera, but not all of them have a front-facing camera.

The Zeblaze Thor 5 Dual has a 1.39″ AMOLED display with a resolution of 454*454, 2GB of memory, 16GB of internal storage, and access to the full Google Play Store.

Zeblaze Thor 5 Dual


The LEMFO LEM X has a large 2.03′ LTPS display with a resolution of 640*590. It has 1GB of memory and 16GB of internal storage. The LEM X doesn’t have the dual processing unit like the Zeblaze Thor 5 Dual but does have a 900mAh battery that will easily get you through the day.

You’ll also notice the side-facing camera on the right side. This is common for most full Android Smartwatches. Some people love it and others hate it – which category will you fall in?


Kospet Hope 4G

The Kospet Hope 4G runs Android 7.11 with 3GB of ram and 32GB of internal storage. When this smartwatch was released, there weren’t many devices out with those kinds of resources. Now, most watches have 3GB of ram and 32GB of storage. The Hope 4G should not be confused with the Hope Lite, which only has 1GB of ram and 16GB of storage.

The Hope 4G also has a 1.39′ AMOLED display with a resolution of 400* 400. It also has an 8MP side-facing camera and 22mm removable bands.

Kospet Hope 4G


The LEMFO LEF3 has a 1.39″ AMOLED display with a resolution of 400*400. It comes with 1GB of ram and 16GB of internal storage In terms of size, the LEF 3 is one of the smaller devices which makes it desirable to most people. It’s a simple design with a stainless steel casing, 600maH battery, and an IP67 rating.


Kospet Optimus Pro

The Kospet Optimus Pro comes with the dual MediaTek 6739 + NRF52840 processing unit and packs an 800mAh battery. Kospet is claiming seven days of battery life when in LiteOS mode. However, LiteOS mode turns of cellular capabilities.

The Kospet Optimus Pro also comes with 3GB of ram, 32GB of internal storage and has an IP67 rating with removable straps.

Cheap Android Standalone Smartwatch

What all of these Android standalone smartwatches have in common is 4G LTE, Android 7.1 with full access to the Play Store, and cameras – whether they be front-facing or on the side. All of them have a heart-rate monitor with built-in fitness applications, Bluetooth, and GPS.

The design, memory and internal storage, waterproof rating, removable straps, and battery capacity will vary depending on the model. There is an app that can be used to pair them to a smartphone, but it isn’t necessary. They are designed to be standalone devices with their own sim card.

Lastly, all of these Android Smartwatches are well under $200. I’m not saying that they are better or worse than companion devices like the Samsung Gear or Huawei watches, but you should know that you have options.

Obviously, there are pros and cons to every piece of technology.


  • True Standalone – Doesn’t require a Smartphone
  • Full Google Play Store – Install any application you want
  • Unique Design – Great conversation starter.


  • Many of them are large and may be uncomfortable for small wrist
  • Battery Life – Full Android apps and LTE make it’ll difficult to get more than 1-2 days of battery life.
  • Waterproof ratings – Most have only an IP67 rating and not suitable for swimming.

Visit Android Standalone Smartwatches to see more of these devices.

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