Benefits of Working out at Home vs Gym 2019

Are you trying to decide if you should invest in a home/garage gym or keep your gym membership? That decision is not as easy to make as you may think, but I will offer you some benefits of working out at home vs gym and try to answer the question: does working out at home really work?

Benefits Of Working Out At Home vs Gym


Let’s get the obvious benefits out of the way. It is typical for standard fitness clubs to have membership fees between $30 and $50 a month. Also, you may have to pay annual fees that are supposed to pay for the upkeep of equipment but rarely does. When you factor those costs, there are excellent home gym setups and power racks that you can purchase in the $500 – $800 range. You can find power racks with combo packages or all-in-one packages that provide everything you need to get your home or garage gym started.

Power Rack with Weights

The picture above is an all-in-one power rack package with weights (175lbs), Olympic Barbell, and Flat Bench. This power rack has dual pull-up bars with optional dip and lat pulldown/low attachments. You can have a setup like this for $600 before shipping costs.


Good fitness clubs will have a wide variety of equipment to accommodate the fitness needs of its members, but this comes at a cost. Unless you’re focused and have a clear plan, too much workout equipment can lead to jumping from machine to machine without making any significant progress towards your fitness goals.

One of the benefits of creating your home gym is that you can build it in such a manner that suits your fitness goals, thus improving your chances of sticking with your program.

Does Working Out At Home Really Work?

Does working out at home really work? The short answer is yes. There is nothing that would suggest that working out at home produces fewer results than working out at a gym; it’s all in the individuals’ head.

Some people like to work out in the gym because of the atmosphere and may push themselves harder. In other cases, some people may not push themselves as hard because there are so many people around. Workout wherever you feel comfortable.

If you like showing off your feats of strength and aesthetics, a gym might be for you. If you dislike people showing off or feel people are watching you while you squat, a home gym might be for you. Regardless of the location, if you put the effort in, you’ll get the results.


Time is the biggest reason people say they can’t make it to the gym, but it goes both ways. Fitness enthusiasts are annoyed when something prevents us from getting to the gym, like weather conditions.

For us, having a home gym setup and home workout plan is ideal, even if it is fundamental. In many cases, we can complete a workout by the time it takes to drive to the gym.

It makes good sense to have a home gym if you have space, and it will become more valuable as you age.


I’ve offered you some benefits of working out at home vs gym by answering the question does working out at home really work, and showed that it could save money and time. This doesn’t mean you should go and buy a home gym today. As I mentioned earlier, it comes down to personal preference and discipline.

If you can’t make it to the gym regularly, buying a home gym isn’t going to change anything for most people. Also, if working out by yourself is boring, a home gym might not be for you.

I recommend working out using bodyweight exercises. After that, you can invest in some cheap home gym equipment like barbells or kettlebells. Only then, once you’re confident the home gym will be utilized should you buy.

Benefits of Working out at Home vs Gym 2019

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