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Best Amazon Squat Stands With Pull Up Bar

Due to high demand, here are some of the best Amazon Squat Stands with Pull up bar integration. Unlike power racks or squat cages, squat stands take up considerably less space while still allowing you to perform compound or functional movements.

You may not often choose Amazon as a source for garage and home gym equipment, and there are certainly better places to buy power racks and squat stands like REP Fitness or FitnessFactory. However, if you’re on a tight budget and need to get something fast, you can find some decent pieces of equipment on Amazon. Since fitness equipment is selling out quickly, here are three squat stands that you can purchase right now.

Amazon Squat Stands With Pull Up Bar

HulkFit Multi-Function Adjustable Squat Stand

Simple yet effective, the HulkFit Adjustable Squat Stand has a 500lb weight capacity due to its heavy-duty steel frame and H-shaped base. It weighs 60lbs and stands 81-inches tall when assembled. The HulkFit adjustable squat stand has numbered uprights, 2-inch hole spacing, and an integrated pull up bar.

This model has two weight pegs on the back to store weight and stabilize the stand while performing exercises. Additionally, here is a page with some HulkFit Squat Stand accessories. J-Cups included in the packaging.

best amazon squat stands with pull up bar

HulkFit Multi-Function Adjustable Rack 800lb

If you need something a little more durable, HulkFit also has a model with an 800lb weight capacity. This model stands 81-inches tall when assembled and weights around 110lb. What I like about this particular squat stand is the dual pull up bars, which have different diameters, and the pins at the base that allow you to use resistance bands.

amazon squat stands

Sunny Health Squat Stand

The Sunny Health squat stand is 85-inches tall when assembled and has a weight capacity of 500lbs. It has an integrated pull up bar with a knurled grip and resistance band attachments at the base. Additionally, the Sunny Health squat stand has built-in Olympic weight storage that also helps stabilize it while performing your exercises.

Best of all, the Sunny Health Squat Stand has a build-in landmine attachment, making it much more useful than some of the more basic squat stands on the market as the landmine allows you to perform additional shoulder and back movements.

Amazon Squat Stands

These are some of the better Amazon squat stands with pull up bar integration. Over the last year, I’ve posted quite a few durable and affordable squat stands and power racks. I’m noticing a lot of traffic for those items, but it is too late. If the items aren’t sold out, we see businesses closing due to stay-in-home policies around the country.

Additionally, many of the Amazon squat stands and power racks are out of stock. Thus this post is short. I would suggest you hurry and purchase one of the items above if you need it during this time.

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