Best Exercise Machine to Lose Weight At Home

There are plenty of ways to start losing weight from the comfort of your home. However, not all exercise machines are created equal. For those looking for the best exercise machine to lose weight at home, here is a short list of items in no particular order.

Best Exercise Machine to Lose Weight At Home


The Treadmill isn’t the best exercise machine to lose weight at home, but its excellent for staying active and burning some extra calories. With the proper diet and resistance training program, a treadmill can be a powerful resource for keeping body fat levels in check.

To effectively use the treadmill for weight loss, you should elevate your heart rate to its fat-burning zone and keep it there for 20-30 minutes. Staying in the fat-burning zone is essential because without being in this range, you’re not burning fat, just getting better at walking, jogging, or running.

Ideally, you should place your treadmill workouts in the morning on an empty stomach, after resistance training, or on a separate day to maximize fat loss. For sedentary and unconditioned individuals, a treadmill can deliver significant weight loss initially. However, after the initial weight loss, you’ll find that treadmills aren’t as efficient for losing weight as you might think. That doesn’t mean they don’t work, but there are more optimal options out there.

This inefficiency is evident by the number of people in the gym who only use the treadmill. Initially, they lose weight, but the weight loss stops after the body has adapted to the stress of the treadmill. So while the treadmill isn’t the best option for long term weight loss, it’s a useful tool for preventing more weight gain.

Treadmills can take up quite a bit of space so look for folding treadmills like the Spirit XT385.

Spirit XT385 Treadmill

Rowing Machines

At least rowing machines provide an opportunity to get more of the body involved, thus burning more calories. The benefit of a rowing machine is that all major muscle groups assist in performing the movement. Not only is it a great source of cardio, but it also builds strength and endurance.

If you think about it, it makes sense that well rounded cardio exercise would involve as many muscle groups as possible. Rowing is also a low impact exercise and doesn’t wreak havoc on your joints, and if performed correctly, can even improve posture.

The most popular rowing machine is probably the one made by WaterRower; however, they aren’t the only company manufacturing water rowing equipment. As the name suggests, the WaterRower uses water to generate resistance, and the faster you row, the more strength is required to perform the movement. Assembling a rower is very easy and they can be stowed against a wall or in a closet when stood upright.

Viking 2 Water Rower

Mountain Climber – “Versa Climber”

The Versa Climber is unique in that it is an upper-body climber and lower body stepper built into one compact machine. Most cardio equipment targets the lower body with minimal activation of the upper body.

The Mountain Climber or Versa Climber is a total body vertical workout that activates, tones, strengthens and builds several major muscle groups like legs, shoulders, hips, glutes, abdominals, and core.

Versa Climbers have minimal impact on the joints and burns more calories than treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes. With that said, you can’t attack a Versa Climber being overconfident. When I put clients on the Versa Climber, they average about 10-15 seconds before needing to rest. You’re not going to power through this exercise as you would on a Treadmill or Elliptical. It requires attention and focus.

Best Exercise Machine to Lose Weight At Home - Mountain Climber or Versa Climber

The Versa Climber takes up very little space and is probably the best item on this list. It’s also much cheaper than most cardio equipment at the cost of only $169 at this time.


Kettlebells are obvious not exercise machines, but if we’re talking about losing weight at home, they offer an excellent way to combine strength training and cardio without taking up a lot of space. There are hundreds of full-body kettlebell workouts that you can find online so you never get bored.

Kettlebells can also be used as dumbbells so that you can perform resistance training exercises. They come in various sizes so I recommend getting adjustable kettlebells to save money and space.


Finding the best exercise machine to lose weight at home ultimately comes down to the exercise you like. If you don’t enjoy a particular activity, you won’t do it consistently. With that said, the best exercise machines that promote the most weight loss are those that get the whole body moving.

If I had to rank the four items on this list, I would put the Kettlebells first, Vera Climber second, Rower third, and the Treadmill last. I put the Kettlebells first because of their versatility, but the Versa Climber could easily go in the number one spot.

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