Best Foam Mattresses with Free Trial

No two people have the same combination of sleeping habits or chronic pains, and you should have the chance to test new mattresses out thoroughly. Below, are some of the best foam mattresses with free trial periods. All mattress manufacturers have their spin on what a great mattress is supposed to be, and whether they are right will depend on how each person feels on the beds. Trial periods range from 102 nights to 18-months.

Mattresses with Free Trial Periods

Puffy Mattress

You may have heard of Puffy Mattresses as they are probably the most popular manufacturer on this list. Puffy says that their mattresses support all sleeper types. While memory foam mattresses can be very comfortable, I wouldn’t necessarily say that it is the right choice for all sleeper types.

Since foam mattresses conform to your body, they are best suited for back sleepers and those who have chronic pain, which is a lot of people. Also, memory foam mattresses isolate movements, meaning your sleep partner won’t feel every toss and turn that you make. Typically, foam mattresses get hot, but Puffy has added a gel coating that stays cool to the touch and doesn’t absorb heat.

Puffy offers mattresses with free trials of 101 nights. If for some reason you don’t like it, Puffy will assist you in donating it to a local charity and offer you a full refund. They are very confident in their mattresses, which are manufactured in the USA with CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certifications. Puffy Mattresses have a lifetime warranty.

mattresses with free trials

Idle Sleep

Idle Sleep manufactures Hybrid mattresses made of Latex, Buoyancy Foam, and Springs. These mattresses tend to keep the back and hips in alignment, thus reducing pressure. Also, unlike conventional memory foam mattresses, Idle Sleep mattresses are two-sided, meaning that you will have the same layers and comfort on either side, and you won’t have to buy a new mattress as often.

Traditional foam mattresses tend to absorb heat, but Idle uses microscopic air bubbles in their beds to help regulate temperature. If you’re running into mattresses that “sleeps hot,” you may want to try Idle’s mattresses. They offer three types of mattresses and have CertiPUR-US certifications. Idle offers an 18-month trial, which is the longest I’ve seen in the industry. Additionally, Idle Sleep provides a lifetime warranty on their mattresses and hassle-free returns.

Sleepiphany Mattress

If you’re looking for more affordable mattresses with free trial periods, Sleepiphany offers an excellent adjustable mattress that should meet most people’s comfort level. The Sleepiphany mattress comes with a “recipe card” that shows you how to stack its various layers to find your ideal comfort area.

Sleepiphany mattresses use an ergonomic support foam to keep your spine in alignment with support for pressure points. It also has G-7 Gel Memory foam to regulate temperature and is dust mite and waterproof. Sleepiphany offers a 120-night sleep trial and will give a full refund once you show proof of the mattress donation and disposal. Sleepiphany backs their mattresses with a 10-year limited warranty.

Muse Sleep

Muse Sleep mattresses are also memory foam mattresses and ideal for back and side sleepers. They 12-inches in thickness with the base layer being 6-inches to prevent you from sinking into the bed. Muse mattresses come with a high quality removable and washable cover made of polyester and polyethylene knitted yarn that stays cool and wicks away moisture.

There are three settings to choose from soft, medium, and firm. To determine your configuration, take the Muse Sleep Quiz, and it will give you a recommendation. Muse offers a 120-night sleep trial, but you must sleep on the mattress for at least 20 nights before you’re eligible for a return. If you decide it isn’t for you, contact them, and they will arrange a pickup time and help you donate it to a charity.

Affordable Foam Mattresses

There are too many affordable foam mattresses with free trial periods to list here. However, if you start with these, you’ll surely find the best mattresses for your needs. On top of the trial period, these manufacturers always have spectacular deals and financing options to make it even more affordable.

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