Best Foam Roller and Massagers for Back, Neck, and Leg Pain 2019

Back in 2017, I injured myself in the gym while performing deadlifts. I wasn’t working with a weight I hadn’t done before; in fact, I’d done it hundreds of times. The injury occurred because I didn’t warm-up properly and take the proper steps to keep my muscles flexible and pliable.

Needless to say, this injury set me back a while, and with the help of a good Chiropractor, and some of the best foam rollers and massagers I could find, I finally feel and perform as I should. Here are some of the best foam rollers and massagers I’ve found for back, neck and leg pain.

Best Foam Roller and Massagers

Fitness Junction Vibrating Foam Roller

After the injury, I experienced a lot of lower back tightness, tingling in the legs, and even a “hot foot”. Yeah, there is a temperature differential between my left and right foot even today. The Fitness Junction foam roller was helpful and allowed me to get a massage while rolling out my back, hamstrings, and glutes.

The Fitness Junction Foam roller is also “spiked” and allowed me to target specific areas that smooth foam rollers can’t get to. It has 5 levels of vibration, and with it only being 6″ long, it can fit into a gym bag. This foam roller has a weight capacity of 275lbs, so it should be suitable for most people.

It’s a little pricey at $75 but I think it’s worth it for the kind of relief it provides. There are other vibrating foam rollers on the market that cost more, but I was impressed with the reviews on this one. The Fitness Junction vibrating foam roller is one of the best foam rollers I’ve used.

Fitness Junction Vibrating foam roller.

KeShi Foam Roller Bundle

The Keshi Foam Roller bundle comes with an 18″ foam roller, 17″ muscle roller, stretching strap, and 2 massage balls. The foam roller itself is a basic high-density roller, but it’s the massage balls and the stretching strap that makes this bundle a great buy.

As I mentioned earlier, my injury resulted in back, hamstring and glute tightness. The hamstrings and glutes are very difficult muscle groups to release with a foam roller, and sometimes you need a massage ball or roller to really get in there and release the muscle.

You can use the pressure point ball to target the hamstrings if use put it under your leg while sitting in a chair. From there, you can apply pressure to different areas more comfortable. The area where the hamstring meets the glutes is usually a very tight area. Also, the balls make it easier to target the quads and IT band.

These items are always in my gym bag and sometimes use them right after my workouts before I come home. After using the roller, I use the strap to help me stretch my hamstrings and quads. For only $22, this is one of the best foam roller bundles. It’s basic, but it provides everything you need.

IReliev Wireless TENS + EMS

You’re not really doing therapy right until you’ve tried a TENS and EMS unit. If you’ve had an injury or have chronic pain, you need this! When you can’t make it to a Chiropractor or Massage therapist, you need something that can stimulate those areas that are giving you problems.

I didn’t know about IRelieve until I went to my local mall and there was a Kiosk with the HiDOW EMS unit. It was the wireless version and I wanted to buy it on the spot after receiving a demonstration. The only problem was that it cost $499. After coming home and searching for a cheaper alternative, I found the IReliev Wireless unit.

The IReliev unit has 7 TENS modes for chronic pain, 1 TENS mode for arthritis, and 6 EMS modes for muscle conditioning. I mostly use EMS modes for pre and post-workout recovery, or for active recovery on the days that I don’t exercise.

Because I have that lower back tightness, I slap on the IRelieve wireless pads when I’ve completed a back or leg workout, and begin the recovery process while not having to suffer stiffness over the course of the next few days.

I usually get about 4 hours out of each pod, and the handheld lasts around 9-10 hours. Since you can change the outputs of each pod individually, the battery on the pods drains faster than the handheld.

It’s unbelievable the amount of relief you can get from this tiny device. Some people have said it’s better than going to get a massage. I don’t know about that, but its pretty close.

Those are a few of the items I’ve used to get myself mobile and basically pain-free. I still have some symptoms from my injury but it’s nowhere near what it was two years ago. You can check these items out for yourself if you’re interested.

More importantly, never workout without taking the proper steps to warm up properly. Have you suffered an injury or have chronic pain? Tell us what you’ve used in the comments below.

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