Best Places To Buy Apple Watch Bands 2020

Amazon tends to be the first place we think of when shopping for items like Apple Watch Bands & Accessories. While Amazon is a great first option, you might miss out on some great deals and designs if you’re not looking at other marketplaces.

Best Places to Buy Apple Watch Bands

Here are some awesome Apple Watch Bands that you can find on Amazon, as well as a few other marketplaces.


Amazon makes shopping easy by providing hundreds of thousands of quality products at a great price with fast shipping. If you’re not interested in searching all over the internet for Apple Watch bands and accessories, Amazon is a great place to start. You can find some great combo deals on Amazon. Here are some of the Apple Watch Bands we like.

apple watch bands

Skyler Camo Band

Exchar Sports Band

Protective Supcase

Whether you want a casual or sporty band, Amazon probably has something that you’ll like. I’ve picked up all three of these and my favorite is the Skylet Camo band in the dark blue color. The Supcase is great if you want to fully protect your Apple Watch but it obviously ads more bulk.


Owned by Alibaba, Aliexpress is one of the largest marketplaces on the internet and an excellent place to find deals Apple Watch bands and accessories. Since everything is priced relatively low on Aliexpress, you can buy several Apple Watch bands and save a little money. 

Oily Leather Bands

Printed Pattern Bands

TPU Apple Watch Case

There are too many watch bands on Aliexpress to count. It’s as if all watch bands originate in China, and they probably do! You’ll notice the TPU Apple Watch case looks very similar to the SupCase listed above but at a fraction of the cost. If you don’t like any of these you should check out other Apple Watch bands on Aliexpress.


Back in the day, everyone shopped for amazing deals on eBay, now I very seldom hear anyone mention the name. However, eBay is still thriving and an excellent place to purchase Apple Watch bands and accessories.

Bandkin Leather Band

Bandkin Leather Band

stainless steel apple watch band

Stainless Steel Band

milanese apple watch bands

Milanese Band

I’m not much of a Milanese band but I thought I’d add it for variety and because there are good deals on it at the time of this writing. The Bandkin and Stainless Steel bands are very comfortable, have various color options, and support most Apple Watch Series and sizes. There are probably just as many options on eBay as there are on Amazon. When you’re looking for great deals on Tech and Accessories, don’t forget about eBay.


This is more of an honorable mention, but if you want to get your Apple Watch fully protected, Whitestone Dome Glass offers an incredible tempered glass screen protectors for Apple Watches and many other devices.

Apple Watch Screen Protector 42mm

The installation process takes a little more time than your average screen protector, but once complete, your Apple Watch will be fully protected while maintaining its full responsiveness. There are numerous screen protectors out there but this one is the only one that provides full-screen coverage while maintaining touch sensitivity. The solution used to apply the glass can also fill in minor cracks and scratches. Whitestone Dome is probably the best in the business for screen protectors.

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