Best Power Racks Under 500

Now that most fitness facilities are closing, I’m sure those who have contemplated a home gym will be considering it even more so. I’ve already listed several power racks on PriceNab that have great reviews and priced where most people can afford them.

Today, I’ll touch on some of the best power racks under 500 dollars, again. Why? Because every Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook workout video has the same brand named power racks in them. I often wonder if people know that they don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a power rack. And, that you will build just a much muscle or lose just as much fat on a $500 power rack as you would on a $2000 one.

Best Power Racks Under 500

REP Fitness PR-1000 or 1050

The REP Fitness PR-1000 has a 700lb weight capacity, constructed with 2″ x 2″ steel, and has dual pull-up bars for a two-person workout. The PR-1000 has numbered uprights and comes with plastic-lined J-cups and extended safeties. Additionally, the PR-1000 has base weight storage, allowing you to store weight plates and stabilize the rack with doing dips and pull-ups.

The PR-1000 stands 89-inches tall. If you need more vertical clearance, the REP PR-1050 is the shorter version of the rack standing 72-inches. There are various attachments available for the PR-1000 power rack, such as a lat pulldown and low row system, dip bars, and an additional weight storage addon. However, if you order the shorter PR-1050, the lat pulldown system isn’t compatible.

best power racks under 500

REP Fitness PR-1100

Also coming from REP Fitness is the PR-1100, which is a slight upgrade from the PR-1000. It has a 700lb weight capacity and is slightly shorter at 84-inches. It’s constructed with 14 gauge steel with 1-inch diameter holes and 3-inch hole spacing.

The most significant difference with the PR-1100 is the multi-grip pull-up bar that you can assemble upright or inverted if you need more vertical clearance. Also, it comes in several different colors, blue, black, red, and metallic black. The PR-1100 uses the same attachments as the PR-1000 but has an additional landmine addon.

With its color options, attachments, and build quality, the PR-1100 is undoubtedly one of the best power racks under 500 dollars. It is less expensive than the PR-1000 at this time, with a price of $239.

best budget power rack

Powerline PPR200X

Powerline is a subsidiary of Body-Solid and manufactures fitness equipment specifically for home and garage gyms. The PPR200X power rack is constructed out of 2″x2″ 14-gauge steel and has a weight capacity of 600lbs. It has 18 adjustment levels, 3″ hole spacing, and an integrated pull-up bar with a knurled grip.

The Powerline PPR200X has a footprint of 44″ x 46″, making it comfortable and spacious enough to perform any movement requiring a barbell. The primary attachments for the PPR200X are its lat pull-down and dip bar addons. Since it is a Body-Solid product, there is a 10-year in-home warranty on the frame and 1-year on the part. Best of all, this item has free shipping to the lower 48 States.

Powerline PPR200X

Best Fitness BFPR100

Best Fitness is also under the Body-Solid umbrella. The BFPR100 power rack is made out of 2″ x 2″ 14 gauge steel and has a weight capacity of 500lbs. It stands 83 inches tall when assembled, and has 23 adjustments with 3-inch hole spacing.

The BFPR100 used to have an incredible combo deal that included the rack, bench, and lat-pulldown system for $639. That deal was ignored and is now over $1000. However, you can still get the power rack for under $500, and the shipping is free to the lower 48 States.

power rack with lat pulldown

Rugged Fitness Y100 – Honorable Mention

This rack isn’t under $500, but the price is so reasonable that I have to mention it. In case you didn’t like any of the previous options, the Y100 power rack by Rugged Fitness might be for you. The Y100 is a commercial-grade rack constructed of 2″x3″ 11 gauge steel with a weight capacity of 1000lbs.

The Y100 features Westside Hole spacing and includes the j-cups and pin safeties. There are several attachments available for the Y100, including a rack extension, lat attachment, bar holders, and spotter’s arms. Considering the price increases of less quality power racks, I have no clue why this is still $595, but I’m sure it won’t be for long. There is no free shipping for this model, but at this price, you need to figure it out.

y100 power rack

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