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Best WordPress Hosting 2020

Trying to find the best WordPress Hosting services can be challenging since the “best” could mean something different for everyone. Also, there are way too many hosting companies to keep up with.

All Hosting companies claim they have the best WordPress Hosting services and have plenty of followers who swear by them. Instead of proclaiming one superior company, I’ll share with you the services I’ve used and why I think they’re great options for WordPress Hosting.

Best WordPress Hosting

Hostgator Cloud Hosting

Very seldom do I use Hostgator but their Cloud Hosting service is probably the best deal on their website. As opposed to Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting is more secure and scalable. Instead of sharing one server with multiple users and websites, your server is hosted through multiple servers. If the server gets overwhelmed with traffic, it will simply start using resources from another server.

Hostgator’s Cloud Hosting is a much better option for affiliate and eCommerce sites that get a decent amount of traffic. You’ll get dedicated resources, free SSL, unmetered bandwidth, and unlimited domains depending on the package you go with. To speed up the performance, even more, you can use the free Cloudflare CDN and a caching plugin like WP Supercache or Cache Enabler. In addition, I’d recommend using a proper CDN such as KEYCDN.

Hostgator is a large company with big money behind it so you won’t have any issues with server uptime. Additionally, CPanel is free and easy to use and I’ve personally never had an issue with their customer service. Lastly, the Hostgator Cloud package is cost-effective. You’re paying very little per day if you get the 36-month package.


Interserver is a much smaller hosting company based in Secaucus, NJ, and I feel like they don’t get the credit they deserve. I personally use their VPS service for PriceNab. They offer standard web, VPS, WordPress, and Dedicated server options at affordable prices that you won’t find anywhere else. In addition, plans are month-to-month and locked, meaning there are no long term commitments and prices never change as long as you’re a customer.

Unlike other hosting companies that have pre-packaged plans, Interserver allows you to customize your server the way you want it. As your website grows, you can simply log into your account and add resources. For a fast WordPress website, I recommend the VPS or WordPress VPS service. However, their basic web hosting and uses NGINX which handles more traffic than Apache and stands up to DDOS attacks more effectively.

I personally prefer their VPS service as I know the Apache service well and can still get the benefits of NGINX by installing Engintron for CPanel. Additionally, because it’s a VPS server you have root access, you can install Memcached, Redis, and other PHP modules for better performance.

Prices for Interserver’s VPS and WordPress VPS hosting service starts at $6 per slice or “core”, the cheapest and most reliable VPS services in the business. You can also get basic web hosting for $5 per month with no contract. They have a 99.9 guaranteed uptime and great customer service.

best wordpress hosting


Siteground has been endorsed by WordPress.org and WPbeginner.com. If you want a reliable WordPress site that just works, you may want to give Siteground’s WordPress Hosting service a try. Siteground’s WP hosting includes free SSL and Cloudflare integration, free web migration, free daily backups, and 24/7 support.

Additionally, this service is optimized for WordPress and has image optimization, caching tools, security updates, and one-click WordPress installation options. This service is designed to make the maintenance of a WordPress site easier so that you can focus more on your content.

Just recently, Siteground has switched from serving static assets from memory to using NGINX. This means that you’ll experience faster loading speeds and response times for your WordPress site. It also means that your site can use its memory more efficiently to handle dynamic assets since NGINX is now handling static requests.

Pricing is relatively inexpensive and they often have specials, however, they have the same kind of pricing tactics as many other hosting companies. The first year is cheap and the renewal is much higher. It almost feels like Siteground built their whole infrastructure to support WordPress. See our SiteGround for WordPress Review

best wordpress hosting

What is the Best WordPress Hosting?

Once you’ve committed to installing WordPress, you’ve already outgrown shared hosting, especially if you’re running an affiliate or e-commerce business. After you install a theme and the plugins you need to even have a functional and decent looking site, most shared hosting services just aren’t going to cut it. It won’t matter how much Cloudflare and caching options you throw at it.

Some may disagree but I’m firm on VPS servers or WordPress Cloud Hosting at the very least. As I mentioned earlier, the best WordPress Hosting means something different to everyone. If you want something that just works and is easy to set up, take the SiteGround or Hostgator Cloud route, preferably SiteGround.

If you’re looking for the best price vs performance scenario, look into the InterServer WordPress Hosting. It’s basically a VPS server with NGINX already set up. Lastly, if you want full control to do everything yourself, go full Interserver VPS.

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