Cheap Home Gym Equipment – 2019

Back when I was a personal trainer and managed a few fitness clubs, It wasn’t uncommon for members to ask me for suggestions on the best home gym workout equipment or where they could find cheap home gym equipment.

There are many reasons why people would prefer to work out at home, but I find that busy schedules prohibit members from making it to the gym as frequently as they would like. People go months without making it to the gym while continuing to spend $30-$50 a month on memberships. Let’s put that money to better use.

Here is a shortlist of cheap and essential home gym equipment.

Cheap Home Gym Equipment

Olympic Barbell

If you want to put together a well-rounded workout regimen, you must have a barbell. Unless you are training for a specific sport, I assume your reason for working out is to be strong, build or maintain muscle, and lose some body fat.

The Olympic barbell allows you to target all of the major muscle groups that matter. With a barbell, you can perform squats, rows, deadlifts, bench presses, overhead presses, and many other athletic movements. Also, each of the exercises I just mentioned has variations – different ways to perform those exercises. There are various ways to perform a squat, row, or deadlift.

There is nothing that can replace the barbell, and it is the single best home workout equipment piece you should own. I recommend the Cap 7’ft barbell for its strength and affordability, but there are many barbells you can choose from.

Best Home Workout Equipment - Cap Barbell - Best Home Workout Equipment


Kettlebells offer an excellent way to get some strength training and cardio without taking up a lot of space. It takes very little space to perform Kettlebell Swings or Turkish get up. Furthermore, Kettlebells can be used in accessory exercises and replace dumbells.

For example, if you don’t have dumbbells, you can use a Kettlebell and perform a Goblet Squat. You could also use a Kettlebell for a one-armed row, bicep curl, or shoulder press.

Kettlebells are relatively inexpensive and you can even get Kettlebell Powerblocks if storage space is an issue.

Best Home Workout Equipment - Kettlebell
Best Home Workout Equipment - Powerblock Kettlebell

Here is a video for anyone interested in learning more about Kettlebell Swings.

How to Properly Perform THE KETTLEBELL SWING

T2 Power Rack – Best Home Workout Equipment

You can only progress so far with a barbell before you’ll need to consider investing in a Power Rack. The rack is where you can perform your squats, bench press, and other compound movements. Some racks like the T2 Power Rack even have attachments for dips, leg press, and pullups. What I like about the T2 is that it’s a commercial-grade rack designed for home use, and has a 700lb weight capacity. There is also a combo pack that includes a bench which you can use to perform even more exercises.

Cheap Home Gym Equipment - Power Rack and Bench

Foam Roller

There are millions of people walking around right now that need a foam roller and haven’t worked out a day in their lives. Tight muscles groups will prevent you from performing exercises properly, cause imbalances, and eventually lead to an injury.

This ProSourceFit Foam rollers cost next to nothing and will come in handy after those tough back and leg workouts. There are a few density levels and lengths to choose from, but I find most people require a high density.

This may be a no-brainer for some, but a foam roller is something every household should have whether you work out or not.


All of these items together cost less than $900. Good quality but cheap home gym equipment. If $900 is still not in the budget, don’t worry, that is what Price Nab is here for.

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Cheap Home Gym Equipment - Here are the essential pieces of equipment you\'ll need if you want to start working out properly at home.

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