Kospet Hope 4G LTE Smartwatch Overview

Kospet Hope 4G


The Kospet Hope has a ceramic bezel giving it a classier look compared to some of its rivals. The bezel is flush with the watch face making the 1.39′ AMOLED display feel more spacious than it and more comfortable to type on. 

On the bottom, you’ll find the heart-rate sensor, nano sim card slot, and charging pins. The rest of the casing is metallic and is attached to 24mm silicone bands that are replaceable with any other watch bands you choose.

If you look closely at the picture below, there are two prongs for charging the smartwatch. Most full android smartwatches come with four prongs which allow charging and data transfer. In the case of the Kospet Hope, you’re only able to charge the device and will need to use the 3rd party application WiiWatch2 to transfer files via wifi.


The Hope 4G is easy to navigate, considering it is full touch and has a dedicated back button on the side. However, it may take some time to get familiar with learning the direction of notifications and where to find the quick toggles. Full Android smartwatches have widgets and work slightly different from WearOS.

The Kospet Hope has full access to the Google Play store, allowing you to install any applications you’d like. There is no need to worry about space since it comes with a 32GB of storage and 3GB of ram. These resources are the advantage of purchasing a full Android smartwatch over a WearOS device.

The downside is that very few applications are optimized to fit the screen. While there is a built-in function allowing you to change the orientation of apps, some are still quite small and difficult to type on. With that said, basic browsing and messaging seemed very smooth. The native SMS application worked fine, but the Android Messages application didn’t fit the screen so well, even after changing the orientation.

The Hope was designed to be a standalone device. The more you keep that in mind, the more you’ll like the watch. You can pair it with an Android smartphone via (WiiWatch 2), but you’re not able able to respond to the notifications and messages, only view them. For iPhone users, there is no reason to pair the watch with the application except for viewing health data.

Connectivity and Battery

The Kospet Hope has a 620mAH battery, and in real-world usage, you’re going to get about a day. Using LTE will drain the battery rather quickly, especially if you’re streaming music. I set my devices to 2G to preserve battery life. The 3G bands for this smartwatch are designated for WCDMA, and if you’re on a GSM network like AT&T or T-mobile in the USA, you won’t get it. Check the Kospet Hope full specifications for the bands and see if your area is compatible.

Some people like to turn background data off for some applications to preserve battery life or use it as a companion device via Bluetooth to save battery. Again, the smartwatch becomes a bracelet in this mode.

GPS works fine with Google Maps and Uber, but won’t work for the built-in fitness applications provided by Kospet. You’ll have to download and try the various app from the Play Store if you need this functionality. Also, there is no Bluetooth calling on any Android 7.1.1 due to Google restrictions.

That Side Camera

The Kospet Hope comes with an 8MP camera which takes some pretty decent shots. It’s just that cameras on the side of a watch are just weird. We learned that way back when the original Samsung Gear smartwatch launched. The camera should be front-facing like the Janus or ZeBlaze Thor 5 Dual, not on the side. That would at least allow you to do video calling.

Should You Buy It?

If you’re not satisfied with the WearOS experience, you should undoubtedly try a full Android Smartwatch. The Kospet Hope is one of only a few that offer the 3GB/32GB ram and storage combination. It’s also one of the few that provide a waterproof rating and replaceable bands.

Finally, there is the price. You could buy two full Android smartwatches for the price of 1 Galaxy Watch or TicWatch. So yes, if you’re exploring other options than Tizen or WearOS, the Kospet Hope is an excellent place to start.

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9.1 Total Score

  • The metallic and ceramic design looks great and is durable.
  • 3GB ram + 32GB storage is only rivaled by a few other devices.
  • Flush Display means more space to view and type.
  • Replaceable bands - not many watches have it.
  • IP67 Rating - most others aren't waterproof
  • No Bluetooth calling - For Android 7.1.1
  • No GPS - For Built-in Fitness Apps
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