Power Racks on Sale Under $1000

Look at any Youtube or Instagram Fitness video, and you’ll see the same named-brand power racks. I often wonder if people know that there are other power racks on the market other than Rogue Fitness. I don’t have anything against Rogue, other than them telling me that they don’t want their products on websites with competing power racks. If they don’t like comparison sites, maybe their products aren’t as good as everyone thinks.

In any case, people should know that there are great power racks on sale for under $1000. In some cases, you can get a great combo package that includes a rack, bench and weights. For the average person who wants to build a home gym, the options below are a great start. In fact, the bulk of your money should be spent on a great barbell and weights, not the rack.

Some of the power racks listed below may have gone up in price since I wrote this post due to the coronavirus. For those who are ready to buy and looking for something a little less expensive, see my Best Power Racks under 500 post. Otherwise, wait until things calm and the prices should go back down.

Power Racks on Sale Under $1000

REP Fitness PR-1000

I can’t stress how much value you get from the REP Fitness PR-1000 and subsequent 1000 series power racks. Standing at 83″ in height, the PR-1000 features dual pull-up bars, numbered uprights, and is constructed with 2″x2″ steel frames. It has a 700lb weight capacity for the included J-cups, and, the pull-up and “optional” dip bar attachments have a 400lb weight capacity.

squat rack with pull up bar

Of course, it’s the addons that make the 1000 series power racks a great value as you have the option of including lat-pulldown, dip bar, and weight storage attachments. Since the PR-1000 has weight pegs in the rear, and the optional weight storage attachment, it isn’t necessary to bolt it down.

The full dimensions of the PR-1000 are 83″(h) x 48″(w) x 48″(d). If 83″ is too high for your desired space, you might consider the shorter 72″ PR-1050 rack, however, it doesn’t have the option for the lat-pulldown system. Additionally, the PR-1100 offers color options, a multi-grip pull-up bar, and landmine attachment. The PR-1000 rack starts at $275. If you were to include all of the addons and shipping, you’d be around $800. 🔥

Rugged Fitness Y-100

The Rugged Fitness Y-100 is a heavy-duty commercial rack constructed with 11-gauge 2″x3″ steel. It boasts an impressive 1000lb weight capacity and has an electrostatically applied powder-coat finish for longevity. Weighing 268lbs when assembled, the Y-100 is a beast and isn’t moving anywhere.

One of its best features, of course, is the Westside hole spacing, giving you more accurate spacing for spotter arms and range of motion. Its dimensions are 66” L x 45” W x 89” H and includes 2 j-cups, and, pin and pipe safeties.

The Rugged Fitness Y-100 doesn’t lack in addons and attachments. It also has a lat-pulldown, rack extension and storage addon, dip bars, and various other accessories. Most addons are inexpensive but since it’s a commercial piece, the lat pulldown and extension cost a little more – but still worth it.

The Y-100 is also included in some great combo deals which I’ll cover in another article, as the prices are beyond the scope of this one. You may not be able to get all of the addons for this power rack under $1000 but the rack itself should be close to $800 after shipping depending on where you live.

Body-Solid GPR400

The GPR400 is a commercial piece made by Body-Solid and stands just 79″ tall, making it ideal for those who have limited vertical space. You may already be familiar with Body-Solid equipment as your local gym may have a few of their pieces. This model is designed for home or a small fitness club and is constructed with an 11-gauge steel 3″ x 3″ frame.

gpr400 power rack

The GPR400 features 1″ hole spacing, wide walk-in design, and has a 1000lb weight capacity. Pin and pipe safeties, as well as j-cups, are included. Of course, just like the other items on this list, the Body-Solid has various attachments that you add to it such as a lat-pulldown attachment, dip handles, t-bar row attachment, and weight horns.

The GPR400 starts at $795 and all of the Body-Solid power racks on sale at FitnessFactory have free shipping to the lower 48 States. Also, it has a home commercial warranty that provides lifetime coverage on the frame, welds, etc.

Best Fitness Power Rack Combo

The last two items on this list will be combo deals. Best Fitness is owned by Body-Solid and manufactures fitness equipment specifically for home gyms. This package includes the Best Fitness BFPR100 power rack, lat-pulldown attachment, and an adjustable bench.

Although the BFPR100 rack is constructed with 14-gauge 2″ x 2″ steel and has a respectable 500lb weight capacity. It has an integrated pull-up bar, a durable powder coat finish, and includes the liftoffs and safety pins.

power rack with lat pulldown

Of course, what makes this deal sweet is the included lat pulldown and an adjustable bench. Obviously you know how useful the lat system is and how many additional exercises it provides. The bench, however, comes preassembled, has 7 positions, and has wheels for easy transport.

This package has a 3-year warranty on the frame and 1 year on parts. I’m not sure how the warranty works on Amazon but it looks like you can get it there also – rack only. Also, because it’s a Body-Solid product, you can get free shipping to the lower 48 States, a great deal if you’re getting the combo deal.

REP Fitness “All You Need” Package

The All You Need package by REP Fitness can save you quite a bit of money and time. Obviously, purchasing a power rack implies that you need a barbell, weights, and a bench, and that is just what this package is.

The power racks available in this package are from the REP Fitness 1000 series that we covered earlier, PR-1000, PR-1050, and PR-1100. Additionally, it comes with REP’s Basic Barbell, 175lbs of iron weights, and the FB3000 flat bench.

Power Rack with Weights and bench

You have the option of switching things up with this package. You can choose different colors for the rack “depending on the model” and the bench. Also, you can opt for an adjustable bench instead of the flat bench, or change the iron plates for hex plates, mixed bumper plates, or even upgrade to 275lbs instead of 175lbs.

Those are some combo deals and power racks on sale under $1000. You will get the same results with a $500 rack as you will on a $2000 rack. Save the extra money and put it into a well-crafted barbell, plates, and accessories.

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