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2020 has been a challenging for the fitness industry. For gym goers, most of this year you’ve probably had to spend less time in the gym or force your way through workouts with an uncomfortable mask. Some fitness facilities have had to shut their doors and others have even filed for bankruptcy. This has forced many to consider purchasing power racks and home gyms, which I believe you should do if you have the capital and space for it.


Unfortunately, purchasing home gym equipment is also difficult due to slowed manufacturing and shipping as a result of the pandemic. Many stores are raising prices, have limited stock, or are completely out of stock. If you’re interested in purchasing a power rack, here are some power racks under 1000 dollars.


Currently, not all of them are in stock but if you keep an eye on them, you should be able to get one as soon as there is availability. These are great deals and they may have been on your list of consideration already. 

Rep Fitness PR-4000

The PR-4000 should be the first and last rack you’ll need to purchase for a very long time. Built with 3″ x 3 ” 11-gauge steel frames, the PR-4000 has a max weight capacity of 1000lbs. However, it’s the customizations that make this rack powerful. 


You can choose your height, depth, color, and there are a ton of optional attachments to choose from: lat pull-down, landmine, dip bars, multi-grip pull-up bar, weight belt squat attachment, adjustable iso-lever arms, etc. 


The PR-4000 allows you to leave the gym memberships behind forever. Keep your eye on this one. It can get pricey with all of the addons, but the rack itself is very inexpensive for what you’re getting. 

Body-Solid GPR-400

The GPR-400 by Body-Solid is another power rack under 1000 dollars that is worth taking a look at. This model is great for anyone that has limited vertical space as it stands only 79″ tall. Also, the GPR400 features 3″ x 3″ 11-gauge steel frames with a 1000lb weight capacity. 


It has a wide walk-in design, 1-inch hole spacing, and has several optional attachments including: lat-pulldown, dip handles, and a multi-grip chin-up bar. 


Finally, this model ships free to the lower 48 states if you can find it in stock. It also has a lifetime warranty on the frame and welds.

The next rack on this list is the Rugged Fitness Y-100, another heavy-duty rack that you might find in small fitness facilities but an excellent option for home gyms. This one is certainly one of the better power racks under 1000 dollars. 

Rugged Fitness Y-100

The Y-100 has 2″ x 3″ 11-gauge steel frames and holds a 1000lb weight capacity. Assembled, the Y-100 weighs 268lbs and its dimensions are 66” L x 45” W x 89” H.  It’s a well built rack and doesn’t need to be secured. Also, this model features Westside hole spacing and has several optional attachments which include: lat pulldown, rack extension, dip bars, and bar holders. 


Pin and Pipe safeties are included. At $679, which is its current price, its a mystery why this model isn’t sold out. Either people don’t know about it or they’re not thinking clearly. 

Best Fitness Power Rack with Lat Pulldown and Bench

Sometimes you might want to save some time and money by purchasing everything at once. Best Fitness, a subsidiary a Body-Solid, offers a nice combo package that includes their BFPR100 power rack, a lat pull-down attachment and adjustable bench. The BFPR100 itself has 2″ x 2″ 16 gauge steel frames that holds a maximum of 500lbs. Although this model holds less weight than the others on this list, it should still be suitable enough most lifters. 
The BFPR100 weighs 107lbs assembled and its dimensions are 83” H x 45” L x 47” W. It should fit just fine in most locations. More importantly, it comes with a lat pulldown and an adjustable bench. The bench is quite decent too. It comes preassembled and has transport wheels. Typically, when a company offers a combo package that includes a bench, it’s a flat bench and you’d need to upgrade to an adjustable bench. 

You may have trouble getting your hands on this combo. Due to high demand, and decreased manufacturing and slowed shipping, this package is usually out of stock. However, you can still buy the rack itself which is only $400.
Power Rack with lat pulldown

The final power rack package that I’ll add to this list is the Merax Athletics package. This model can be purchased on Amazon and it includes a lat pulldown. At some point, you’re most likely going to want that addon since it allows you to perform more movements without taking up much additional space. It’s always better if you can buy it in a combo. 

Merax Athletics Power Rack

This particular rack has 2″ x 2″ frames and holds up to 800lbs depending on where the weight is placed. It features an integrated pull-up bar, lat pulldown and low row attachment, included safeties, and stands 85″ tall with an inside depth of 45″. In addition, it comes with sleeves to store weights and rubber stoppers for stability and floor protection. 

The Merax Athletics power rack bundle offers the right amount of usability and a very decent price.


This model isn’t as heavy-duty as some of the others on this list, but it is one of the power racks under 1000 dollars that still has some remaining stock. 

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1 REP PR-4000 Power Rack
More details +

REP PR-4000 Power Rack

The REP PR-4000 power rack is a commercial-grade fitness station suitable for in-home, garage, or small fitness club usage. Unlike many power racks on the market, the PR-4000 has a lot of customization, allowing you to choose your desired color ...
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2 Body-Solid GPR400 Power Rack
More details +

Body-Solid GPR400 Power Rack

Body-Solid is a leader in producing high-quality commercial exercise equipment and used fitness facilities worldwide, so you already know what you're getting if you purchase the GPR400 power rack. This model is a heavy-duty commercial rack capable ...
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Body-Solid GPR400
Build Quality
Editor choice 3 Rugged Fitness Y100 Power Rack
More details +

Rugged Fitness Y100 Power Rack

The Rugged Fitness Y100 power rack is a commercial-grade workout station suitable for home and garage gyms or fitness clubs. With its durable and rugged build quality and various optional attachments, the Y100 is undoubtedly one of the better power ...
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4 Best Fitness Power Rack with Lat Pulldown and Bench
More details +

Best Fitness Power Rack with Lat Pulldown and Bench

The BFPR100 power rack with lat pulldown package from Best Fitness is another option for those searching for a combo deal. In many respects, this combo package is similar to the Rep Fitness All You Need combo, although the PR-1000 may be the better ...
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5 Merax Athletics Power Rack
More details +

Merax Athletics Power Rack

The Merax Athletics power rack is a semi-budget workout station. It's comes bundled a lat pull-down attachment and has an 800lb weight capacity. It's an excellent option for home gym builders on a budget.Merax Athletics Power Rack Design ...
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