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Body-Solid SPR250 Squat Stand for Home Gym 2019


Body-Solid released the SPR250 squat stand recently and its commercial-grade and part of their Pro Clubline. This means the SPR250 is excellent as a squat stand for home gym setups, garage gyms, as well as group training facilities. If you have limited space, and your training revolves around the compound movements, the SPR250 might be what you’re looking for.

SPR250 Squat Stand for Home Gym


The SPR250 squat stand is constructed with 3″ x 3″ 11-gauge steel and has an adjustable frame that can support 5′, 6′, and 7′ Olympic barbells. Its dimensions are 51.2” L x 59.4” W x 72.7” H, and it has a weight capacity of 1000lbs. The rack comes with two premium J-cup liftoffs and has 1′ hole spacing for additional spotters.

Being that this squat stand has a commercial-grade, there is a lifetime warranty on the welds and frame. Please check the warranty on the product page.


The SPR250 is commercial-grade and suitable small training facilities, but its an excellent squat stand for home gym setups. I’ve posted some great deals on various power-racks, but not everyone has the space for such setups. Squat stands take up less space than power racks, and this model can easily be adjusted to fit the barbell you work with.

What I like about the SPR250 is that it feels very stable despite not having a connecting top bar. Top bars help balance the stand and prevent it from tipping over but this squat stand seemed to do just fine. Even so, I missed the top bar because I like having a place to do pull-ups during back workouts.

Most of the exercises you perform in a power-rack can be done on a squat stand. Obviously, you know about the squat and it’s variations, but bent-over rows, bench pressing, overhead-press, power cleans, and deadlifts can be performed here as well.

Likely Buyers

The SPR250 is great for beginner and intermediate lifters who want to perform compound exercises but have limited space for home gym equipment. The SPR250 squat stand has a 1000lb weight capacity, it’s stable, and comes with the j-hooks and a lifetime warranty, it seems like a great deal.

However, assuming you don’t already have home gym equipment, you’ll need to purchase an Olympic barbell, bench, and weights, which brings me to price.

Rep Fitness
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When I posted the SPR250, it was $399 which I felt was an ok deal, but they’ve recently increased the price to $455, which I personally feel is a little high for this model. Especially when it has no pull-up bar, and companies like REP Fitness have “All You Need” packages for $600.

Power rack with bench

This package comes with their PR-1000 power-rack, flat bench, Olympic barbell, and 175lbs of weight plates for a little over $600. Maybe the price of the SPR250 will come down during the Holidays. Set your price alert to be notified. If not, that REP “All you need” Package looks like a great deal if you have enough space.

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