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Janus & Lokmat X360 Android SmartWatch


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The Janus is a standalone smartwatch running a customized version of Android 7.1. People familiar with these Android smartwatches will recognize that the Janus looks very similar to the Lokmat X360. In fact, the two watches are the same but the Janus smartwatch has a couple of upgrades. The difference between the two is the larger battery and GPS functionality on the Janus.

The Janus smartwatch is not sold by a company per se. An American living in China went to a manufacturer and had the Janus created to his specifications and now sells it on eBay. The Lokmat X360; however, can be purchased from a number of places, the cheapest and most trustworthy being Aliexpress.

Despite the Janus having a silver look in the picture above, it is black. At least mine is black and there were no color options when I purchased mine.

Janus & Lokmat X360


Both the Janus and Lokmat X360 are large circular smartwatches made of plastic and ceramic. They are some of the first Android smartwatches with a dual-camera setup. The dual cameras are where the “Janus” gets its name, after the Roman God Janus.

The front-facing camera is a 5MP and works fantastic for video calling. I’ve used it many times for hangouts and WhatsApp video calling. On the side, there is a 6MP camera that takes decent photos, but I rarely find a reason to use it. It’s very difficult to take a photo using the side camera with your hand in the way.

There are two physical buttons on the Janus and X360, the top button is used to turn on and wake the device, and the bottom button is used to go back. Long pressing the top button brings up your extended power menu with the options to reboot, power off, power save, or go to recent tasks. On the back, you have the heart rate monitor, four-pin charging and data transfer connection, and a very difficult to open sim card tray.

Both the Janus and X360 feel heavy and high-quality but I found the straps to be a little uncomfortable on the Janus. The straps are made of silicone and leather but are nonremovable. The straps are also thin, making the watch look even larger than it already is.


The battery is one area where these two devices differ. The Lokmat X360 has a 620mAh battery and the Janus was upgraded to an 800mAh battery. Both run the MT6739 quadcore processor clocked at 1.25ghz, but this isn’t the MediaTek 6739 + NRF52840 dual processor with two operating modes.

You should get 2 days of battery depending on how many apps you install and how you use the watch. Since you have the full Google Play Store available to you, it’s easy to install a lot of applications that use 4G and push notifications which drains the battery much quicker.



Both the Janus and Lokmat X360 have 3GB of ram and 32GB of internal storage which is the maximum resources you can get. The navigation is fluid and you won’t have any issues with lag or installing apps or media. It may take some time to become familiar with the different widgets are where everything is located though. They use a customized version of Android with its own widgets and navigation panels that cannot be changed or removed.

Applications from the Play Store aren’t always optimized for these displays. You’ll frequently need to use the built-in application adapter which changes the app’s orientation from a circle to a square, allowing you to see more of the application’s content and navigate. You can access the adapter by holding down the power button and selecting it on the fly whenever you need it.

Both watches come with a “Life WaterProof” resistance which basically means an IP67 rating. Light rain and sweat are fine, but IP67 isn’t suitable for high-velocity water activities.


The Lokmat X360 and Janus have a 4G LTE radio unlocked for any GSM carrier. Check the product pages to see if your area supports the bands. In the United States, T-mobile, AT&T, Cricket, and MetroPCS work fine but depending on the area, you might get LTE or 3G.

Bluetooth 4.0 is available for using headphones or sending and receiving files, however, there is no Bluetooth calling with any Android 7.1.1 devices due to Google’s restrictions. Maybe that will change when devices with newer Android versions are released. Right now, only devices with Android 5.0 have Bluetooth calling.

GPS works excellent with Google Maps, Uber, Yelp, etc, but not with the built-in fitness applications provided by Lokmat. You’ll have to install Google Fit or wait until Lokmat pushes out an update. Most Android smartwatches have this issue so this isn’t a Lokmat specific issue. The Janus, however, does have GPS working with the Fitness Apps since that was something that was requested when it was created.

Fitness Applications

Android smartwatches come with their own fitness applications with activities such as Outdoor Running, Walking, Indoor Running, Bike Riding, and a few others. If you want to track your distance using GPS, the watch doesn’t use the pedometer instead of the GPS module. At some point, the manufacturer will push out an update to fix this. In the meantime, you can use Google Fit if you need GPS tracking on the Lokmat.

Both watches use the WiiWatch 2 companion app to pair with your smartwatch; however, pairing them restricts some of the smartwatch’s capabilities. You can receive notifications but can’t reply. The app is really only good for changing watch faces and viewing health data. There is an IOS version in case you have an iPhone, but the experience is worse than the Android version.


There is a 1-year warranty for manufacturer defects and you should check the product pages for all of the specs. You might also find the Full Android Watch forum helpful for tweaks, tricks, and to see what others in the community are doing with their full android smartwatches. Also, xda-developers also a great source of information for Android devices.

If you live in the USA and interested in purchasing a used Janus, email me at [email protected] It’s in perfect condition, I’ve just gone back to the Apple ecosystem.

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