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Kospet Optimus Pro Android Smartwatch


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The Kospet Optimus Pro is a standalone smartwatch running a full, but customized, Android 7.11 operating system. Users have full access to the Google Play Store and all of the functions of a smartphone inside of a smartwatch. 

Kospet Optimus Pro

Kospet Optimus Pro


The Kospet Optimus Pro is constructed of plastic and an alloy casing with a ceramic bezel. The screen is a 1.39″ display with Gorilla Glass 4 and a resolution of 454*454. On the back, you’ll find the sim card slot, heart rate monitor, and a four-pin connector used for charging and data transfer. On the right side, you’ll find the power and dedicated back button along with an 8MP camera.

Despite there being an 8MP camera that takes decent pictures, I still hold the position that the manufacturers should remove it to save space. These watches are rather large, and I don’t imagine many people using a side-facing camera from their wrist, at least not here in the USA. Ideally, the camera should be front-facing to allow video calling like the Zeblaze Thor 5 Dual or Lokmat X360 and Janus smartwatches.

Even so, the Kospet Optimus Pro is a good looking smartwatch. It’s simple and could classify as both a classic or sports watch.


The Optimus Pro is running the MediaTek 6739 + NRF52840 dual-processor with an 800maH battery. This dual processing unit gives the watch two operating modes, and Kospet claims 2-3 days of battery life in full 4G mode.

In Lite OS mode, the Optimus Pro should get around seven days of battery life. It’s worth noting that in LiteOS mode, the Optimus Pro doesn’t have any cellular functionality and turns into a rather basic watch with only heart-rate monitoring and time.


The Optimus Pro comes with 3GB of ram and 32GB of internal storage and should not be confused “Kospet Optimus” with only 2GB of ram and 16GB of storage. These resources make the navigation on the Optimus Pro very fluid, but it will take some time to figure out the menus.

Swiping up will take you to health data, left goes notifications, down goes to quick toggles, right goes to the app drawer, and right again to health applications. And, since it’s a modified Android operating system, you cannot change the widgets or add new ones.

Some applications don’t take advantage of the full display and this usually happens with apps installed from the Play Store. You’ll often need to use the built-in application adapter by holding down the “power button” and selecting the icon at the top of the screen. It changes the orientation of the app from a circle to a square, allowing you to see more of the application’s content. See the Janus & Lokmat X360 review for pictures of what this looks like.

The Optimus Pro has an IP67 rating which is good for light water and sweat and shouldn’t be worn during high-velocity water sports.


The Optimus Pro has a 4G LTE radio unlocked for any GSM carrier. Check the product pages to see if your area supports the bands. In the United States, T-mobile, AT&T, Cricket, and MetroPCS work fine but depending on the area, you might get LTE or 3G.

Bluetooth 4.0 is available for using headphones or sending and receiving files, however, there is no Bluetooth calling with any Android 7.1.1 devices due to Google’s restrictions. Maybe that will change when devices with newer Android versions are released. Right now, only devices with Android 5.0 have Bluetooth calling.

GPS works excellent with Google Maps, Uber, Yelp, etc, but not with the built-in fitness applications provided by Kospet. You’ll have to install Google Fit or wait until they push out an update. Most Android smartwatches have this issue so this isn’t a Kospet specific issue.

Kospet optimus pro

Fitness Applications

Android smartwatches come with their own fitness applications with activities such as Outdoor Running, Walking, Indoor Running, Bike Riding, and a few others. If you want to track your distance using GPS, the watch doesn’t use the pedometer instead of the GPS module. At some point, the manufacturer will push out an update to fix this. In the meantime, you can use Google Fit if you need GPS tracking.

The Kospet Optimus Pro uses the WiiWatch 2 companion app to pair with your smartwatch; however, pairing them restricts some of the smartwatch’s capabilities. You can receive notifications but can’t reply. The app is really only good for changing watch faces and viewing health data. There is an IOS version in case you have an iPhone, but the experience is worse than the Android version.


There is a 1-year warranty for manufacturer defects and you should check the product pages for all of the specs. You might also find the Full Android Watch forum helpful for tweaks, tricks, and to see what others in the community are doing with their full android smartwatches. Also, xda-developers also a great source of information for Android devices.

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