Kospet Prime Full Android Smartwatch

Kospet Prime Full Android Smartwatch


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Last updated on September 15, 2020 2:28 am
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Kospet Prime

The Kospet Prime is a standalone smartwatch running a customized Android 7.1 OS. It’s one of the latest devices released by Kospet, along with the Kospet Vision. Its customized version of Android gives the user full access to the Google Play Store and many of the functions of a smartphone.

Kospet Prime

Kospet Prime

What you get

In terms of design, the Kospet Prime appears to be a hybrid of watches we’ve seen before, namely, the Kospet Optimus Pro and Zeblaze Thor 5 Dual. While the physical buttons appear to be the same on the Optimus, its camera placement and outdoorsy “rugged” design are reminiscent of the Zeblaze Thor 5 with a bit more class. 

The Prime has a 2MP front-facing camera that scales to 5MP (using software) and 8MP side-facing camera with a facial recognition “unlock” feature that works very well much faster since the latest firmware update.

Like most full Android smartwatches, the Kospet Prime is a large device and weighs 83g with its dimensions being 27.40 x 5.08 x 1.75 cm. Additionally, the Prime has a 1.6″ IPS display running at a resolution of 400×400.


The Kospet Prime runs the MediaTek 6739 processor at 1.25Ghz with a 1260mAH battery. It’s a massive battery and the largest on any full Android smartwatch at the time of this writing. Even the battery pack on for the LEM 11 is only 1200mAH.

I’ve seen videos showing the Kospet Prime playing music for 72 continuous hours. While that might be true, this isn’t a real-world statistic. Battery life will depend on how much 4G LTE it uses and how many applications are running with push notifications. 

Installing many social media apps can drain the battery faster expected, especially if you’re using LTE. Still, with 1200mAH, you should get close to three days of battery if you’re conservative, it will depend on each person’s usage.


The Kospet Prime originally launched with 3GB of ram and 32GB of internal storage. However, since last year’s CES event, Kospet launched a new 1GB/16GB model called the Kospet Prime SE. The only downside to the Kospet Prime, as with most Android watches, is that most applications don’t take full advantage of the screen. You’ll often need to use the built-in adapter by holding down the “power button” and selecting the icon at the top of the screen. 

It changes the orientation of the app from a circle to a square, allowing you to see more of the application’s content. See the Janus & Lokmat X360 review for pictures of what this looks like.

The Kospet Prime has an IP67 rating which Kospet calls “Life Waterproof”, meaning it’s safe from sweat and light rain.


The Kospet Prime has a 4G LTE radio unlocked for any GSM carrier. Check the bands below to see if your area is supported. In the United States, T-mobile, AT&T, Cricket, and MetroPCS work fine.

Bluetooth 4.0 is available for using headphones or sending and receiving files, however, there is no Bluetooth calling with any Android 7.1.1 devices due to Google’s restrictions. GPS works as expected with Google Maps, Uber, Yelp, as well as the built-in fitness applications provided by Kospet.

Fitness Applications

Android smartwatches come with their own fitness applications with activities such as Outdoor Running, Walking, Indoor Running, Bike Riding, and a few others. If you want to track your distance using GPS, most watches use the pedometer instead of the GPS module until the manufacturer updates the firmware. However, Kospet Prime does have GPS built-in and ready to use with the fitness apps and all applications that require it. 

The Kospet Prime uses the WiiWatch 2 companion app to pair with your smartwatch; however, pairing them restricts some of the smartwatch’s capabilities like responding to text messages and notifications. If you’re wearing it and have a separate (sim) number, you can respond to SMS and notifications. However, if you’re connected to Bluetooth and receive a text on your phone, you can see the message (on the watch) but can’t reply. To remedy this, you can install the Droid Assistant App


There is a 1-year warranty for manufacturer defects. Check the product page for return policies. 

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  1. Joey

    This personally is by far the best smartwatch I’ve ever owned. The features and capability of this watch are wonderful, the specs of the best and the battery life is amazing. I love all of the things I can do with this watch, whether running native Android apps at a quick glance if I need to, taking and receiving calls without needing to have my phone with me all the time or just simply checking the time. I’m sure I’ve only just tapped into what a watch like this can do and I’m extremely happy I made the purchase. The battery life this watch offers is amazing as well, easily goes the whole day with no problem at all. Kospet makes some extremely well made and feature rich watches and I will definitely be a Kospet supporter after my first experience with their watch. Great watch for the money.

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  2. M

    Fantastic! Kospet Prime improves the already good qualities of Kospet Hope: in particular I’ve appreciated:- the wider screen that allows you to write reducing tiping mistakes (and being able to use also the keys placed in a more esterno position);- by the way the fantastic long live battery. I can repeat now what I wrote one year ago about Kospet Hope: how can people waste far more money buying production that haven’t far less functions. This watch is also beautiful and elegant!I want only to remark the only little problems I’ve found (and that anyway be easily solved), hoping to help Kospet to make this watch even better to use!1. Why has Always time been eliminated?2. Why has Round app disposition been eliminated?3. Why not allows the users to place their own apps in the order they want?4. The watch seems to be a little less reactive than Hope.Thanks a lot Kospet and Gearbest for this fantastic Watch!

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  3. José António

    A compra cumpriu todos os prazos e procedimentos acordados. O produto chegou dentro do tempo. E, é excelente. O melhor equipamento do género que tive até hoje. Comparado com outros modelos concorrentes ex. LEMFO 8, este é de longe muito melhor. A atualização na primeira ligação inseriu um layout muito atrativo. A conetividade ao telemóvel é extremamente fácil. O visor é maravilhoso. E duas das grande vantagens deste equipamento fazem-se notar a sério. RAM e capacidade da bateria. A capacidade desta bateria ultrapassa em muito a de outros equipamentos semelhantes e quem tem equipamentos deste género sabe o quanto é importante a capacidade da bateria. Em utilização plena, este relógio faz 2 dias e em modo poupança (recursos desligados) faz 3 dias.

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  4. Giaco

    Qualche dubbio sulla reale durata dichiarata. Ho installato Battery Life per verificarla, ma devo attendere 7 giorni perchè le statistiche vadano bene. Attualmente indica 24 ore a schemo spento e 14/18 a schermo acceso. La funzione per farlo durare 3 giorni o power save si attiva da spegnimento cliccando su annulla (bug?!).Con TomTom Autovelox attivo + GPS + WIFI (hotspot creato da smatphone) e schermo sempre acceso lo smartphone dal 65% si è scaricato in 3,5 ore circa.Ho qualche difficoltà a trovare app compatibili. Pur avendo android 7.1 per esempio Cardiogram non funziona e Google FIt non rileva il battito cardiaco. L’app per monitorarlo nativa Kospet fa una media e non registra un vero grafico di variazione. Ho installato poi Quickify e funziona bene e manca un filtro per far si che nello smartwatch siano visibili solo le notifiche che mi interessano (es: solo alcuni contatti whatsapp/telegram o solo alcuni account email).Il cinturino si adatta bene al polso.Il Face recognition a volte non funziona (meglio farlo di sera con il viso illuminato da un monitor e tutto nero dietro (così riconosce il 90% delle volte).Il GPS durante i movimenti a velocità costante arriva a sbagliare di 4 metri.Facilissimo passare da visualizzazione schermo rettangolare/quadrato a schermo pieno (che mette out alcuni bottoni specie durante le registrazioni di account).Telecamera da 8MP molto buona per le dimensioni presenti.Difetto: piegando il polso verso l’alto la mano la pelle tappa le uscite audio del kospet che divene così muto.

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  5. AchilleT

    Après une semaine d’utilisation, je n’en reviens pas de l’autonomie !Commandée le 08/11, reçue le 22/11.GPS, data, gesture et bluetooth activés : à peine 20% en moins sur la batterie pour une journée. (environ 1% par heure !!) Et vu comment le réseau passe dans mon secteur, la montre est en permanence en train de le rechercher ! L’écran est de qualité et d’une excellente visibilité. La taille paraît imposante mais pas tant que cela et je n’ai pas un gros poignet.L’OS Android est fluide dans l’ensemble mais avec quelques freeze lors d’ouverture d’app, mais c’est négligeable.Les photos et vidéos sont de bonnes qualités mais il ne faut pas s’attendre à une qualité professionnelle.Je l’ai associé avec Watch Droid app est c’est parfait !Je conseille vivement cette montre. Pour le moment, elle ne me déçois pas, elle a même remplacé ma Huawei Watch GT !

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  6. Marcus

    The new device also comes interesting features Like a huge battery life, Face ID unlocks, 4G LTE and many more.KOSPET is back again with a new 4G smartwatch called KOSPET Prime SE. The new wearable comes with new design and features such as 1GB RAM and 16GB storage, dual Camera. Fortunately, this is still enough for a smartwatch and it comes with all other features which include: apps can be installed, there is wifi, mobile internet, music playback from home storage, GPS, usable Bluetooth headset, etc.

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  7. Eddie

    Because it runs on Android, it can be further smart by installing apps, but it basically knows:Fitness, Sports & Health FeaturesHeart Rate, Pedometer, Distance, Meters, GPS, Sports ModesPhone FeaturesInsert a SIM card to use as a full-fledged 4G phoneNotification featuresIncoming call notifications, App notifications and SMS notifications, Incoming notificationsHealth FunctionsMovement Reminder

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  8. Geoffrey

    Initially, not-so-good cameras seem to be being replaced nicely, though not outstanding, but still better cameras in smartwatches. In this case, there are not one but two cameras, one for normal photography (8MP) and one as a selfie camera (2MP) for photography or video calling.Yeah, and the front-facing camera supports face unlock.

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  9. Quentin

    The KOSPET Prime SE isn’t a typical smartwatch as it offers 4G Nano SIM card support, which means you can make calls, send/receive SMS even without using your phone. Furthermore, it sports an easy-to-read 1.6 inch IPS touch screen with a high resolution of 400 x 400 pixels.Aside from that, the KOSPET Prime SE is backed by a robust 1260mAh polymer battery that delivers up to 72 hours of daily using time. On top of that, Prime SE is the first smartwatch in the world to adopt face recognition technology, which facilitates an ultra-quick unlocking in just 0.1 seconds.On the optics front, it has a 2-megapixel camera at the front so that you can capture self-portraits or video call family and friends even when your phone is not around. Furthermore, it runs Android 7.1.1 OS and supports all Google apps.The KOSPET Prime SE ships with 1GB of RAM and offers 16GB of internal storage space. It has eight sport modes that help you achieve your daily fitness goals.

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  10. Jerome

    The Kospet Prime SE inherited the exterior looks of the Kospet Prime, making it a more spectacular smartwatch with a silicone strap and a metal watch, but no more ceramic. It is moderately waterproof and has two physical buttons. You can observe the sides and front of the camera. It weighs 86g. KOSPET Prime SE uses 1.6 inch IPS touch screen with 400 x 400 resolution that clear display and easy to operate. The 1.6-inch display is the most suitable size for men. Additionally, the IPS full-view display ensures that the screen can be easily seen from all angles, thereby providing maximum visual impact.Kospet Prime SE smartwatch equipped with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory. In combination with the MTK6739 CPU processor, consisting of 4 A53 cores with a clock frequency of 1.3 GHz, the watch will easily cope with the launch of several tasks simultaneously and ensure fast operation. The operating system uses Android 7.1. A new emphasis on the Kospet Prime SE smartwatch is still the ability to connect 4G. So the main functions like the ability to insert SIM operated independently, messaging, playing music, taking pictures, syncing messages from the phone, watching health, … are still features.

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