Non-Slip Multipurpose Kettlebells


The YBell Neo non-slip multipurpose kettlebells allow you to do a wide variety of exercise activities for strengthening and conditioning your body. They can be used as standard kettlebells would be; or as dumbbells, double-grip medicine balls, various push up techniques, and anything else you can think of.

The YBell is made of cast Iron with non-slip, no-rust neoprene. Currently there are five sizes: 9.5 lbs., 14.3 lbs., 17.6 lbs., 22 lbs., and 26.4 lbs.

YBell Non-Slip Multipurpose Kettlebells

  • Use it for kettlebell, dumbbell, double-grip med ball, and push up exercises
  • Designed by experts in fitness and industrial design
  • Cast Iron with non-slip, no-rust neoprene
  • Ideal for training anywhere
  • Proven efficient workouts
  • Featured on NBC’s Today with Hoda and Jenna!
  • Sold Individually

YBell Sizes & Weights (

YBell Kettlebell
Purchasing a whole set? Consider the YBell Rack to complete your storage setup.

The YBELL rack is easy to assemble and holds up to 10 YBells of any size, making it a compact space-saving solution for every gym, club, studio or home