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Powerline PPR1000 Power Rack


The Powerline PPR1000 power rack by Body-Solid is home gym workstation that is on par with some of the commercial-grade equipment on the market. At a base price of $627, the PPR1000 is a step up from the  PPR200x and can be customized and expanded with a number of optional attachments.

Powerline PPR1000 Power Rack

At 83-inches the Powerline PPR1000 is slightly taller than the 82-inch PPR200X. The biggest difference is this model is more durable with its use of 2″ x 2″ 11-guage steel frames that allow it to support up to 700lbs. Its full dimensions are 53.5″ L x 50.9″ W x 83″ H and it weights 168 lbs. when assembled.

Compared to the PPR200X that has a max weight of 600lbs, and considering there is only a $100 difference between the two models, it probably makes sense to get the PPR1000 since there are more options for expansion.

In addition, the PPR1000 has a larger 54 “x 51″ footprint, making it easier to move around while performing movements inside the rack. It features 2” hole spacing which makes safety placements and finding attachments easier.

The PPR1000 includes two j-cups with pin and pipe safeties. As part of the Body-Solid line the PPR1000 has a 10-year in-home warranty for the frame and 1 year for parts.


The PPR1000 has an optional lat pulldown, multi-grip chin-up, T-bar, and power rack extension addons. The power rack extension is the attachment that really sets it apart from the PPR200X since the latter doesn’t have this option. The rack extension provides more space for attachments, spotter access, storage for weights using horns, and adds more stability to the rack.

Of course, the lat pulldown system is an option that most take advantage of since it adds a lot of exercise variation without taking up much additional space. For all intents and purposes the PPR1000 is a rack that you don’t have to worry about it falling apart after a few months. It’s a great value for those wanting to workout a few times a week at home.

Powerline by Body-Solid PPR1000 Power Rack (BodySolid.com)

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