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PR-1000 Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar


The PR-1000 squat rack series by Rep Fitness is still one of the best values on the market for home and garage gym setups. At its current price point, optional addons, and combo packages, the PR-1000 series racks is probably the easiest and most cost effective way to get a home gym up and running in no time, especially if this is your first time.

PR-1000 Squat Rack & (1000 Series Racks)


The PR-1000 squat rack uses 2”x 2” 14-gauge steel frames to support 700 lbs. on the included safeties and included j-cups. When assembled, the PR-1000 weighs 144lbs and stands 83” tall. For areas with limited vertical space you might wanted to consider the shorter 72” model, the PR-1050. However, it is worth noting that if you opt for the shorter version, the PR-1050, you cannot utilize the optional lat pulldown systems.

Dimensions of the PR-1000 are 83”h x 48”w x 48” d which offers sufficient space to perform major lifts comfortably inside the rack. Inside to inside it measures a 26” in depth and 44” wide. Securing this model to the floor isn’t required since weight pegs are there for stabilization. Also, dual integrated pull-up, 1.25″ in the front and 2″ in the rear, are available for simultaneous workouts. They can also provide a slightly different muscle activation while performing pull-ups and chin-ups.

The PR-1000 squat rack features numbered uprights, 2” hole spacing, j-cups, and an extra bar holder. Another variant labelled PR-1100 stands 84″ tall and comes with a multi-grip pull-up bar, color options, and an optional landmine attachments At it’s current price point it probably makes more sense to purchase the PR-1100 if you have the space.


The PR-1000 squat racks offers weight storage, dip bars, lat pull-down and low row attachments, and a landmine. Adding the lat pull-down and low-row option makes sense as it increases exercise selection without taking up additional space. Of course, the landmine also offers more exercise selection particularly for back and shoulders.

In addition, the weight storage extension allows you to store up to 1000lbs of weight and two barbells without taking up much additional space, and the easily adjustable dip and pull-up bars support up to 400 lbs.

Combo Packages

Decent combo packages are difficult to come by since there is a high demand for fitness equipment due to current events. However, REP Fitness does offer a couple that include the PR-1000 series racks. The REP Fitness All You Need package includes the PR-1000 squat rack, an Olympic barbell, a flat bench, and 175lbs of weight. Also, the REP Fitness HG-3 package has the PR-1000, 160lbs of bumper weight plates, bench, and an Olympic barbell. You can switch out the rack model if necessary.


Right now there seems to be good stock on the racks but some attachments are sold out. Just keep an eye on it and be ready to purchase when there is availability. Typically, new stock comes in once a month. Lastly, Rep Fitness is now offering free shipping (most likely only to the lower 48) so this is a great time to buy.

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