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Oct 24, 2019

PR-1000 Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar

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PR-1000 squat rack
  • Build Quality
    The PR-1000 Squat Rack uses 2" x 2" steel frames to support 700 lbs. More durable than most racks in its class and price point.
  • Choice
    The PR-100 Squat Rack series has 3 models to choose from giving buyers more choice over its configuration. 

The PR-1000 squat rack series are budget-friendly yet durable home and garage gym workstations. With its standard feature set, optional attachments, combo packages, and  price point, the PR-1000 series racks are probably the easiest and most cost-effective way to get a home gym up and running in no time.

PR-1000 Squat Rack 

The PR-1000 squat rack series is an excellent place to start when searching for power-rack deals. This model uses 2" x 2" 14-gauge steel frames to support 700 lbs, generally enough for most buyers. Fully assembled, the PR-1000 weighs 144 lbs and stands 83" tall, allowing easy deployment in most garages or spare bedrooms.

Its full dimensions are 83" h x 48" w x 48" d, measuring 44" wide x 26" deep inside-to-inside, providing sufficient space for just about any workflow. In addition, PR-1000 series racks feature dual integrated pull-up bars (1.25 Front and 2" Rear), numbered uprights, 2" hole spacing throughout the working area, plastic-lined j-cups, and weight horns for storage and added stability.

If ceiling height is an issue, REP Fitness offers a shorter 72" model PR-1050. However, keep in mind that the shorter model cannot use some attachments like the lat pull-down or weight store (rack extension). 

If space isn't an issue and you're interested in color options and more attachments, I recommend looking at the PR-1100. The PR-1100 is taller, standing  84" tall, but the multi-grip pull-up bar and optional colors, landmine, weight storage attachment, and price make it worth it. There is very little price difference between the PR-1000, PR-1050, and PR-1100. 


Remember, the shorter PR-1050 cannot use the lat pull-down or rack extension because of its height, but both options are available for the PR-1000 and PR-1100 squat racks. There is also an option for dip bars on all models and a landmine attachment for the PR-1100. The weight storage extension allows you to store up to 1000 lbs and two barbells without taking up much additional space.

Also, the dip bars support up to 400 lbs and are easily adjustable. (The pull-up bars also support 400 lbs).

It's common to purchase some or all of these attachments at one point or another. However, the lat pull-down and landmine add so many additional exercise options that it's almost a must-have. 

Combo Packages

Good combo packages are difficult to come by recently, but the PR-1000 series comes with the REP Fitness All You Need package, including the PR-1000 squat rack, an Olympic barbell, a flat bench, and a 175 lbs Olympic plate set. Also, the REP Fitness HG-3 package includes the PR-1000, 160 lbs of bumper weight plates, a flat bench, and an Olympic barbell. Of course, you can switch out the rack model if necessary.

Availability & Shipping

Currently, there is stock on all models and combo packages. However, the combos sell out quickly, so keep an eye on those if you're interested. More importantly, REP Fitness offers free shipping, so it's a great place to get your home gym equipment.

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