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PR-1000 Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar


If you’re shopping for a decent squat rack to add to your home or garage gym, you’ll find some quality squat racks with decent prices at REP Fitness. Today, we’ll look at the PR-1000, a squat rack with pull up bar and optional attachments.

Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar


The PR-1000 actually has two pull up bars that vary in thickness. In the front, you have a 1.25″ bar, and a 2″ bar in the back. The diameter of the pull-up bars may not make much a difference to most people, but keep in mind that the differences in diameter can change the way a muscle group is activated while performing a pull-up or chin-up, particular the biceps.

The dimensions of the PR-1000 are 83″(height) x 48″(width) x 48″(depth) and 58″ wide at rear bottom brace. It’s constructed with 2″x2″ 14 gauge steel and suitable for any home or garage gym. When fully assembled, it weighs 144lbs.

The REP PR-1000 has a weight capacity of 700lbs for the J-hooks. The pull-up bars have a 400lb weight capacity and the dip bar attachment also has a 400lb weight capacity if you choose to add it.

Since the PR-1000 only weighs 144lbs when assembled, it can move around quite easily, but there are two weight pegs on the rear that will allow you to balance the rack while performing dips and pull-ups, as well as store your weight plates.

Squat rack with Pull up bar


There are a few attachments you can get for the PR-1000 which include extra weight storage, the dip attachment, and the lat pull-down and low row attachment. I would suggest getting all of them as they provide a lot more exercise variety and will save you money in the future, as well as space.

The weight storage attachment has 8 weight horns and will hold up to 1000lbs of weight. Not only will this give you space to store your plates, but it stabilizes the rack. The lat pull-down and low row attachment is self-explanatory and will add a lot of exercise options since its on a pulley. You’ll be able to perform additional back, biceps, and shoulder exercises to name a few. And, of course, the dip bar is also self-explanatory.

Keep in mind, that when you add the pulley system, you lose the 2″ pull-up bar in the rear. It’s not a big deal considering what you get in return, but you should know ahead of time.


Besides the PR-1000 squat rack with pull up bar and optional attachments, there are combo packages that include this model. The REP Fitness “All You Need” package includes the PR-1000 squat rack, Olympic Barbell, and 175lbs of weights. Also, the REP Fitness HG-3 package includes the PR-1000, weights, bench, and barbell with various options for each item to choose from. Have a look at those packages to save some money on a great combo deal.

Finally, we must cover the PR-1050 which is another squat rack with pull up bar integration. It’s the same rack as the PR-1000 but shorter at 72″ in height. Be aware that you cannot get the lat pull-down and low row attachment with the PR-1050 but it’s a great option for those will low ceilings.

Pr-1000 with dip bar attachment


The PR-1000 starts at $275 and is reasonably priced when you consider some of its contemporaries like the Titan T-2 Squat Rack. Even when upgraded, the deals just average out better, especially when you get a combo deal.

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The REP PR-1000 is an excellent power rack or squat rack with pull up bar integration suitable for any garage or in-home gym. With its 700lb weight capacity, durable build quality, and various attachments, the PR-1000 delivers just the right amount of functionality to your home or garage gym. You can purchase it as it is with its attachments or get it in a bundle that includes a barbell, bench, and weights.

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