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Rugged Fitness Half Rack


The Rugged Fitness Half Rack or Y120 is an industrial-grade compact workstation with the build qualities of the Rugged Fitness Y100 power rack. With its smaller footprint, the Y120 can easily be deployed without taking up much space, and standing at 89.4-inches may be a good option for those with limited vertical space.

Rugged Fitness Half Rack

Build & Warranty

The Rugged Fitness Half Rack has 2″ x 3″ 11-gauge steel frames that support 1000lb weight like the Y100. When assembled, it stands 89″ tall and weighs 180lbs. It also has an electrostatically applied black powder coat finish with an in-home or commercial lifetime warranty on the frame and parts.

The Y120 includes j-cups and pin/pipe safeties and also features Westside hole spacing. While most racks utilize a standard 2″ hole spacing along the uprights, Westside hole spacing is 2-inches toward the bottom of the rack and 1-inch towards the middle and top. In short, Westside hole spacing allows better positioning and comfortability for the lifter and spotter.

The total dimensions of the Rugged Fitness Half Rack are 50.2″ ” L x 52.5″ ” W x 89.4″ ” H. In all respects, the Y120 is the Y100 in a slightly different form factor.

Y120 Rugged Fitness Half Rack


The same optional attachments available for the Y100 are also available for the Y120. However, for a complete home-gym experience, buyers may want to look into the lat pulldown and low row attachment, dip bars, and rack extension. The rack extension provides additional weight storage without requiring much additional space, while the lat pulldown provides broader exercise selection with the pulley system.

Rugged Fitness Combos

At this time there is one combo package that includes the Rugged Fitness Half Rack Y120.

Y120HAMP255Comes with the Y120 Rugged Fitness Half Rack, Olympic Barbell, 255lb weight set, adjustable weight bench, and platform mat.

Rugged xl fLAT bENCH
Fully assembled, the Rugged XL flat bench weighs 55.3lbs with transport wheels for easy maneuvering. The bench’s dimensions are 52” L x 24” W x 17” H,  and the back pad measures 48″ L x 12″ W x 4” H.

Ruggedly built to commercial standards, using 11 gage steel and a 31/2 inch dense foam pad that will never give up! Bench tested at over 1500 lbs. and still going.

Also see Rugged XL Flat and Incline Bench

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